Why You Should Get a Spring Tune-up on Your Air Conditioning Unit

Spring is a great time for a quick inspection of your HVAC system.  It has been several months since you last ran your air conditioner and during that downtime, it is possible issues may have cropped up.

Beat the heat this summer with a tune-up for your air conditioner! As temperatures start to rise, many of us rush to turn on our AC – but don’t forget that an inspection and maintenance check can save you from bigger (and more expensive!) headaches down the line. Schedule yours now so you’re all set when things really start heating up!

Improve Efficiency and Save Money

Nearly 50% of the energy used in your home is devoted to heating and cooling. Scheduling season tune ups for your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can have a big effect on your utility bills — and your comfort.

Prevent Future Costly Problems

When we perform an air conditioner tune-up, we will inspect all the different parts of your unit, including your condenser coils, compressor, electrical connections, refrigerant, motors, and more. If we discover a potential problem, we are upfront and honest with you and work with you on the best solution to get it repaired. Having a trained eye looking for issues that could turn into costlier problems if left alone can save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, finding a problem now when the temperatures are more bearable is much better than finding out there is an issue later when the sun is blazing and you can’t turn on your AC!

Keep Your System Running Longer

An air conditioning unit’s lifespan depends on how it was installed and how well it is maintained. Maintaining your air conditioner is an easy way to ensure it’ll stay in great shape for years. Just make sure you swap out the filter every three months – doing so can help keep your A/C efficient, extending its life!

Schedule Your Spring Tune-Up Today

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Importance of Good Quality Air Within Your Home

man checking hvac ducts

As people tend to spend about 90% of our time indoors, the air quality within your Nashville home is likely important to you. Poor indoor air quality is one of the many risks we face on a daily basis that we can avoid. Many people do not realize that air pollution both indoors and outdoors can have an impact on health.

Our very existence depends on the ability to breath, which means we must consume quality air in order to sustain ourselves. Our control over the quality of the air outdoors is limited, but we have more control over the air inside our homes. To ensure that the residents of your home are healthy and safe, it is crucial to measure and regulate the indoor air quality of your home.

Here’s what you need to know about the importance of Nashville’s indoor air quality:

  1. Importance of Clean Air
  2. Indoor Air Pollution
  3. How to Improve Nashville’s Indoor Air Quality
  4. Cumberland Mechanical can Improve the air in Your Home

Importance of Clean Air

Pollutants in the air can have direct effects on health, resulting in consequences right away or years down the road. In many cases, the short-term harm caused by poor indoor air quality can be treated. As the immediate effects of air pollution can resemble common viruses, such as headaches, coughing and sinus congestion, many people overlook air quality as the cause of these symptoms.

People who are most sensitive, such as the elderly, children and those with weak immune systems, can suffer severe and even fatal effects from air pollution. Many delayed effects do not present themselves until it is too late, making it vital to ensure good air quality in the home.

Indoor Air Pollution

It can often be difficult to detect pollutants with the senses, so homeowners tend to be unaware of their presence. Among the sources of poor indoor air quality are formaldehyde, new furniture, paint on the walls, poor insulation, cleaning products, and lead. While everyone knows how harmful pollutants can be, clean air is even more important due to the fact that different people may react more severely than others.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) measures how dangerous air pollution is, with a higher number indicating more dangerous pollution. Air quality is measured from 0-500 and if any pollutant is above 300, hazardous conditions are present. According to the EPA, indoor air quality must be above 100 to be considered unhealthy. To protect public health, this standard has been set.

Improve your indoor air quality in Nashville with Cumberland Mechanical today!

How to Improve Air Quality

In many cases, poorly installed or old insulation can release flame retardants and chemicals with high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Volatile organic compounds are chemicals derived from carbon, such as formaldehyde, that are easily oxidized into gases. It is essential to replace the insulation in a home if you are looking to improve its indoor air quality.

It is very popular to use spray foam for insulation. However, if this type of insulation is not installed correctly or if the chemicals in the mixture are not following an appropriate ratio, the curing process will be slowed down and the area within your home will be exposed to a variety of potential threats. Among the threats are off-gassing problems or the release of toxins into the air which will pollute it and make the air within your building unsafe to consume.

With studies and technological advances throughout the years, a professional insulation company will have the proper knowledge about the effects of chemicals and will follow the newly developed standards for your utmost safety.

In an old home, materials may contain chemical or installation methods that are no longer safe. Installing new insulation can dramatically improve the quality of indoor air in a home saving occupants from health concerns and making living there safer. It is recommended to use GreenGuard Gold certified products when improving the indoor air quality in your home. A quality indoor air expert can help you breathe easier.

Cumberland Mechanical can Improve the air quality in your Nashville Home

Cumberland Mechanical is a family owned business and is proud to be serving the Middle Tennessee Community. Our team of leaders have over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Let us help you solve your indoor air quality issues. Contact our team of experts today!

Top Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Furnace

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Even though a common debate in many Nashville households is whether to keep it hot or cold in the house, no one wants to be faced with the dilemma of a troublesome or broken home furnace. In fact, because 83% of Americans rely on either natural gas or electric furnaces, this is an issue most of us will deal with. But how do you tell the difference between routine maintenance repair and the need to replace your furnace altogether?

On the one hand, you may have an older furnace model that you suspect is nearing the end of its days. Or, your newer furnace model isn’t heating correctly and has a complex system that makes it difficult to decipher what the actual problem is.

Nashville’s Furnace Repair and Replacement Experts

Cumberland Mechanical Service specializes in both furnace repairs and replacements and can make a recommendation for your home.

And when it comes to diagnosing why your furnace isn’t keeping you warm, any of the following telltale signs are worth a call to one of our specialists:

  • The furnace is running off-and-on.
  • The furnace flame is yellow.
  • There is an excess of dust or soot near your air ducts.
  • The exhaust vent/flue pipe is rusting.
  • The furnace is 15 to 20-years old.
  • Your utility bill is unusually high.

The Furnace Is Running Off-And-On

If your furnace is running, kicking-off, then turning on again, this is a reason for concern as the safety features are likely preventing the furnace from overheating. There could be multiple reasons for this: the furnace could be too big for your home, the exhaust vent/flue pipe could be blocked, the air blower wheel could be dirty or broken, or the flame sensor might be corroded or dirty.

Even if there are several potential culprits, calling a specialist can help you cut to the quick. Some may simply require quick maintenance, while others are indicators for a furnace replacement.

The Furnace Flame Is Yellow

The color of your flame is like an indicator of your furnace’s health; it should be a bright blue. A mostly yellow or even orange flame is an ill sign of dirt buildup or that the gas isn’t burning off entirely. While an initial concern would be that the furnace isn’t heating to its full-potential, it also could be a warning – that the carbon monoxide is not venting properly.

There Is an Excess of Dust or Soot Near Your Air Ducts

If there are any signs of gray dust or black soot accumulating on the ceiling, floor, or wall around your air ducts, the furnace is likely the problem. The stains are a result of air that is not filtering properly and/or a furnace that is running unsafely.

In the case that you are seeing black soot, contact Cumberland Mechanical Services immediately to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Exhaust Vent/Flue Pipe Is Rusting

Because your furnace produces carbon monoxide, your flue pipe system is vital to venting the gas safely from your home. If, however, the pipe’s exterior is beginning to show signs of rust from excessive moisture in the room or a leak, the rust can erode the flue pipe and allow carbon monoxide to escape right into your home.

The Furnace Is 15 to 20-Years-Old

Unfortunately, age is a factor you must consider when it comes to the safety and efficiency of your home’s furnace. Even if your furnace has given you little to no trouble over the years, the average furnace from the mid-2000s won’t last beyond 15 to 20 years.

Your Utility Bill Is Unusually High

The age-old expensive utility bill, if unexpected, can also be a reason to suspect your furnace. While the examples we listed above are more serious reasons for concern and for a likely furnace replacement, a high utility bill could indicate your furnace or AC units need a little extra TLC. Consider checking and changing your furnace filter, cleaning the air conditioning fins, and sealing any duct gaps with caulk.

So, Does Your Furnace Need Attention?

Cumberland Mechanical is a family-owned business in Nashville providing services ranging from AC, furnace, and water heater repairs to replacements, installations, and air quality. You can also be sure that our service experts have the most-current training on all manufacturers, guaranteeing you with quality and accurate home HVAC care.

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Common Reasons to Install a New HVAC System or Unit

HVAC units

Spring is in the air in Nashville … and so is warmer air, pollen, dust, and moisture. If you’ve been experiencing cooling or filtration issues with your home or business’ HVAC system, now is the time to replace it before the heat of summer hits. And while keeping your home or business cool is a priority, you should also consider the wonders installing a new air conditioning unit will do for your indoor air quality, not to mention lowered energy costs.

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5 Ways Poor Air Quality Affects Your Health

Did you know that indoor air quality is considered to be in the top 5 environmental risks to public health? One of the many risks we face on a daily basis that can be avoided is poor indoor air quality. The health effects of indoor and outdoor air pollution are often underestimated by people.

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Industrial Air Quality: What you need to know

As legal regulations require industrial and commercial buildings to maintain proper, healthy air quality, you will want to understand the specifics about indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality is one of the many risks we face on a daily basis that we can and should avoid. Despite its impact both indoors and outdoors, air pollution is often not recognized by the general masses as a health hazard. However, poor indoor air quality is especially harmful for those who work in environments with heavy machinery and industrial equipment.

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5 Benefits to Quality Heating and Cooling Repair Services

repairing hvac

In the United States, more than 16 million HVAC units are maintained each year. As there are so many HVAC units all over the world, and especially in the United States, regular quality maintenance checks and repairs are extremely important. Without the proper preventative maintenance, long term HVAC use can result in costly repairs.

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Importance & Benefits to Commercial HVAC Repairs

Did you know that commercial HVAC units are much larger than your average residential unit? With that in mind, regular quality maintenance checks and HVAC repairs will be extremely important for your entire commercial building. Without the proper preventative maintenance, long term HVAC use can result in costly repairs, especially for these larger units.

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